Xtreme Quick Mounts (Med.)

Strap Detail

Product Description

Xtreme Quick Mounts (Med.) are similar to our Small Quick Mounts, but are designed to accommodate larger batteries and electronics. Medium Quick Mounts are designed with two ¾in. Velcro® straps, and a 5in. adhesive back mount. Made from industrial strength Velcro® and adhesive, to adhere to almost any surface.

Package includes 1 Xtreme Quick Mounts (Med.) are designed and printed on both sides for use in any direction.

Choose from a selection of 6 vibrant colors.

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$7.99 each


PureTech XTreme Quick Mounts (Med.)

1.5" - 3" Inside Diameter (adjustable)

Xtreme Quick Mounts (Med.) will hold batteries or electronics of various sizes. For different sized parts, try our XTreme Quick Mounts in either Large or Small.