Xtreme Neck Straps

Neck Strap Detail

Product Description

Xtreme Neck Straps are the most comfortable and secure way to hold your transmitter on the market today. Made from the highest quality nylon webbing, with an adjustable buckle for a custom adjustable fit. Xtreme Neck Straps are equipped with an easy-slide swivel clip and a neoprene rubber neck pad, with ventilation holes to keep your neck cool.

This is without a doubt the BEST neck strap on the market!

Buy Your Xtreme Neck Straps Here:

Choose from a selection of four color:

$19.99 each

PUR035: 24" Length (Adjustable)

$23.99 each

PUR036: 31" Length (Adjustable)

PureTech XTreme Neck Straps

14" - 20" Length (adjustable)

Xtreme Neck Straps are the best way to secure your expensive transmitter in the field. The rugged swivel clip fits all transmitters on the market. One size fits all, with strap length adjustable to fit all ages and sizes.