Xtreme One Wraps

One Wrap Detail

Xtreme One Wraps are designed to help you bundle and organize wires, antennas, etc. in your Radio Controlled Products. Made of industrial-quality Velcro®, these wraps are half Velcro® hook and half Velcro® loop. Xtreme One Wraps simply wrap around wires and cables, and can be secured to the structure of your vehicle.

Our Xtreme One Wraps come 6 to a package, which includes 3 "long" straps (8.5in) and 3 "short" straps (3in.), each 5/8in. wide. They can also be used as cable wraps for computer cords, power supplies, etc.

Choose from a selection of 6 vibrant colors.

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$7.99 (package of 6)


PureTech XTreme One Wraps

Xtreme One Wraps UsageXtreme One Wraps will wrap around cables, wires, and RC Vehicle body parts of various sizes. To determine which strap to use, wrap a string around the cables/parts to be secured, and measure the length of the string. If the length of the string is between 1.5" and 7.5", our Xtreme One Wraps will fit perfectly.