Xtreme Battery Straps LG

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Xtreme Battery Straps LG are wider and longer than our regular battery straps, with a 1in. width and available with inside diameters from 8in. to 14in. These extra-large straps are designed to wrap around large batteries, tanks, and electronics to hold them securely in place.

Xtreme Battery Straps LG are made from the highest quality Velcro®, with high-strength molded buckles and an ultra-thin nylon webbing for strength -- tested and proven to be extremely durable!

8in. and 10in. sizes come with 2 straps per package, 12in and 14in sizes one per package. Choose from a selection of 6 vibrant colors.

PUR308 (8in.), PUR310 (10in.), PUR312 (12in.), PUR314 (14in.)

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Starting at $9.99 per pair

8in., 10in., 12in., and 14in. Straps:

PureTech XTreme Battery Straps LG

To select the size you need, wrap a string around your battery and the vehicle part it will be mounted on. Measure the length of the string, then us this table:

String Length PureTech Strap Strap Length
16" - 20" 8" Strap 26"
18" - 30" 10" Strap 34"
28" - 35" 12" Strap 39"
34" - 42" 14" Strap 49"