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Quality RC Safety Accessories Made In the USA

Are you a Radio-Control (RC) fanatic who is looking for a way to improve the safety of your RC devices’.  Are you worried about the damage that can happen to key components and mountable add-ons during normal use?  Pure-Tech Products has what you need.

Started 25 years ago, the idea of providing quality Made-in-the-USA straps, wraps, and mounts came from the owners’ own experience as a passionate RC hobbyist. As his interest grew, he discovered a large gap in the market for high-quality safety accessories.  So, he decided to fill the gap.

Based on his top to bottom understanding of the RC industry, the owner of Pure-Tech decided to embark on a mission to create and manufacture cutting edge Velcro® Fastening Systems.  These systems have been specifically designed for the needs of RC operators, to keep components like batteries, electronics, and mountable accessories safe, even under less than optimal conditions.

From that mission, the company was established.

RC Velcro Straps

RC Controller Neck Straps and Wrist Straps Increase Controller Protection

No matter what style transmitter your RC device includes, Pure-Tech has a safety strap to fit your needs.

 The RC Controller Neck Strap combines comfort with security with their quality nylon webbing and neoprene rubber neck pads.

 The RC Controller Wrist Straps have been specifically designed to keep your pistol grip radios secure during use. These straps are also made from quality nylon webbing.

Custom Orders are Welcome

In addition to their own product line, Pure-Tech’s manufacturing facility is equipped to create any Velcro® product regardless of quantity. Contact them today to discuss custom order projects.

Featured Products

RC Velcro Straps, Wraps and Quick Mounts Keep Your Vital Components Safe and in Place

Pure-Tech RC battery straps are designed to accommodate many device applications be it plane, boat or auto.  Designed to wrap around batteries and electronics, this accessory will keep them secured and in place under the worst of circumstances.

 Use RC Wraps and avoid damage to your receivers from shock and vibrations. The shock-proof neoprene rubber is designed to hold and protect the more delicate electronics of your RC devices.

 RC Quick Mounts sport the same high-quality RC Velcro straps found in the other products with the added feature of industrial strength adhesive backings that will adhere to almost any surface.

RC Controller Neck Straps

Not All Hook and Loop Closures are the Same

These days the market is flooded with cheaply made hook and loop closure supplies that wear out quickly and don’t have much strength to begin with.  Pure-Tech uses authentic Velcro® products when manufacturing their own safety accessories, ensuring the same durability and strength Velcro® has engineered from the beginning.

 Whether you need an RC Battery Strap, an RC Controller Strap, or an RC Wrap, you don’t want to trust your delicate devices’ security to low-quality substitutes. 

 No matter what your individual needs may be, your only option for high-quality products made by people in the US and backed by authentic Velcro® technology are those at Pure-Tech.

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